Challenge 14 – Complete

Here’s to not taking a blooming selfie every day! What a chore (and an upleasant one at that) that was.

I hope you don’t think this is too vain a challenge (there are some truly awful photos in there) but I just wanted a way to track the year, and this seemed to be as good a way as any.

So here it is. Almost 365 photos of my ugly mug melted into 34 seconds. My personal favourites include the day after the Christmas party, windswept hair in Austin, my first “proper” run, the awkward Leaning Tower of Pisa and the roof of the carousel when I was too tiddly to photograph my own face. Also – how do I have so much hair now? Cannot believe how much it has grown in the last year. This is a nice thing to have, even if it is a bit weird.

Challenge 13 and Challenge 14

This week, I’m combining Challenge 13 and Challenge 14 in a bit of a cheat. As mentioned a couple of months ago, I’ve decided to share the video of all of my Everyday’s so far every now and again – so that if something goes terribly wrong, I’ve got the majority of the pictures saved somewhere safe! I do worry that this challenge is a bit indulgent, but believe me, taking a photo of yourself can be a bit of a bore. Hope it’s not too much of a bore for you.

And if you want it in double time, check this one out:

Just to keep you in the loop, I’ve also managed to reschedule the 3 Peaks challenge, so I won’t be hitting up the glorious hills of Horton in Ribblesdale until 14th May. Happy days. No running a 5k the day after walking a marathon up and down hills.

It’s Easter this week and I’ve just purchased a keyboard for my iPad, so I’m hoping to sit down and get some serious blogging done while I’m taking a bit of a rest from househunting, work and 25at25.

Challenge 14 – Four Months in 24 Seconds

This is a bit of an odd challenge for me. Often I avoid cameras if I can, unless I’ve had a cocktail or two but I really wanted to document the changes in me during this amazing year. Someone mentioned the Everyday app to me, and so Challenge 14 was born.

The idea of taking a photo of myself every day wasn’t – and still isn’t – one that fills me with joy. Especially on the days my hair is refusing to do what I want it to, I look like I could do with another three hours sleep (most), and if I’m feeling a bit rough but I thought using Everyday was a different way to track this year. It’s tough to come up with ways to make this different every day, and taking a photo every day is a bit of a bind, but the result is kind of worth it.

Ever since I’ve started, I have had the ULTIMATE fear that I was going to loose the entire contents of the App somehow, so I’m now regularly generating and saving the video, and I thought that a third of the way through the year would be a good time to share the first part of the video with you. This tracks 11th September to 11th Jan. Prizes* for spotting the day after the Christmas party, the most volumous hair, the day I found my real place in life as royalty and identifying any imposters.

*Prizes is a loose term applied to the high five awarded for correctly identifying the second the photo arrives. Entries must be submitted in the comments. High five can be cashed in at a time of the recipients choosing.