Challenge 13 & 22 – #Smile25at25

I think Challenge 22 is one of the most interesting challenges on my list (though let’s face it, they’re all pretty awesome) as it’s really making me think about doing more to help other people. I’m an incredibly lucky person and I think I’m often guilty of taking that for granted. I’m also a generally fairly optimistic person with a fairly sunny outlook on life, so inspired by The Free Help Guy, I want to spread that around. I’m starting my own #Smilebomb for Challenge 22 of #25at25.

It’s pretty simple. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be waltzing round London (as per) armed with a pack of yellow sticky notes and a marker pen, leaving nice little messages for people to enjoy. I’ll be taking photos of them, and tweeting them as I go, and hopefully people who find them will do the same. So keep your eyes peeled amigos, hopefully you’ll catch sight of a little yellow post it note to brighten up what’s been a pretty dreary January.

photo (3)

Vblog: Pearls of Wisdom

You know those things you grow up hearing from your family? Like the “don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll get a cold!” or “It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye” type things. Every family has them. And when asking for suggestions from a couple of the girls at work for video blog ideas for this week, Jane suggested I drop a few truths Purkiss family style.

So this week’s video blog is a couple of pearls of wisdom from my excellent family. Featuring gems from Mum, Dad and two of my three grandparents, this is a little insight into the world I knew whilst growing up – and a few of the life lessons I carry with me at all times. They’re top, so you should take heed.

Update: Dad said he was surprised “you’ll get germs and die” or “there’ll be tears before bedtime” hadn’t made the cut. Maybe we’ll talk about them another time

As mentioned in the video blog, I’m now on JustGiving (yaaaaay!) and donations will be repaid with cuddles and big smiles. Though I had originally intended to treat the £500 charity target as a completely separate entity to that of the other challenges, I don’t think that was actually at all realistic and as such I’m fundraising for my #25at25 as a whole. I know some challenges are more worthy of sponsorship than others, but I hope to run a 10k separately (not a half marathon – quickly changed my mind after that moment of madness) in the Spring which will also add into the final total.

And lastly – I got a fringe. Yay!

Three Minutes of Happy

It’s officially 2014! Again, I’m asking myself – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? 2013 has been, to reuse and old cliche, a rollercoaster. I’ve travelled to the USA for the first time in my life (and gone back again), I had my first festival experience at Glastonbury and repeated it at one of the biggest US music festivals in September. I visited Munich and Gozo and Palma, I rediscovered the swimmer in myself, I’ve carried on ballet despite my continual inability to balance, I’ve taken up yoga, I’ve learned a lot and that’s only scratching the surface of what 2013 has been about for me.

In September, I embarked on this brilliant challenge which aims to push me to my limits and get me out of my comfort zone. I’m so excited about what 2014 has to offer. I’m not making any resolutions (other than to get my hair cut twice a month), but I’m going to give the list for my #25at25 my very, very best shot.

I’ve actually got a couple of updates lined up for you – namely the start of my running challenge – but until then, there’s a couple of people who are going to make their debut on the video blog. I give you – Three Minutes of Happy, taken directly from a wonderful NYE celebration. Big thanks to the guys and gals who joined in last night, or rather, very early this morning.

Update: I should point out that this was inspired by Pharrell’s 24 Hours of Happy

A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello friends and countrymen! It’s Christmas day! After eating my way through an excellent dinner (thanks big sis Purk), wearing a Father Christmas hat and a set of reindeer antlers, I’m feeling pretty content and sleepy. That being said, I managed to squeeze in time between chocolate biscuits, cuddles with the nephew (when he’s felt obliging) and opening presents, I recorded a SUPER short Christmas video blog.

I’d planned to do an alternative Queen’s speech, but then Charlie ripped the crown I was going to wear and I couldn’t think of any way to make it funny. Therefore, you just got a little seasonal hello. Note the Christmas hat and the festive jumper.

It’s not much, so I’ve supplemented it with a couple of other festive videos from our day. A Purkiss family Christmas is a pretty quiet affair, but it’s nice to be home in the shire and see the clan for a wee while.

Merry Christmas lovely friends. Look forward to seeing you in 2014!

#25at25 – A Christmas Quiz

It is one week ’til Christmas! How on EARTH did that happen? Where has 2013 gone? It only seems like two blinks ago I was seeing in the New Year with good friends in Clapham, and here we are just a few weeks away from the end of the year.

2013 has been awesome. But more on that later. We’ve got the matter of this week’s video blog to assess first. I decided it might be fun to do a festive quiz, so armed with some theme music, a helpful quizmaster and some high quality general (Christmas) knowledge, we created this week’s video.

Feel free to play along yourself – and tell me your scores in the comments below!

#25at25 – Challenge 13

I had my first suggestion for a video blog recently. And I loved it. So I did it. This week, I’ve attempted to make one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals (Golden Chicken, Potato Gratin and Braised Vegetables) in 15 minutes. It went surprisingly well actually. Check it out here:

So I managed to create the meal in around 20-25 minutes which actually isn’t all that bad. The chicken was delicious – really nice seasoning, lovely and moist while the veg was tasty and fresh. The potato gratin probably could have benefited from a few more minutes in the pan, but only a few more, and I think had I sliced them a little thinner, it would have been fine.

I’d really recommend trying this recipe a) because it’s super tasty and b) because it is actually really quick, even if it’s not 15 minutes. As promised at the end of the video, here’s the pictures of the finished product. And my exhaustion after cooking it.



Video 8 – Return of the Lip Sync

It’s that time of the week where I try and come up with another way to rock the video blog. This week, I decided it was right to attempt another lip sync.

It might not be up to the standards (cough) of Journey, but hopefully it’ll give you a chuckle on this chilly Wednesday night.

Don’t forget if you’re going to bump into me before Saturday morning and youve got some tinned puddings or UHT milk lurking around in your cupboards, you can share it with me and I’ll drop it off at Battersea food bank at the weekend.

Challenge 13: Video Blog 7 – and another first

Tomorrow is Halloween. I am 25 (I don’t know if you have heard). I am 25 and I have never, ever made a Jack O Lantern. WHAT is the crack with that I hear you ask? Well, I thought the same. And so in this year of firsts and new and exciting things, I decided I’d make a Jack O Lantern this year. And I recorded it for your viewing pleasure. Turns out, it’s actually a LOT of fun. And I’m so pleased with the final result!