Challenge 15 – Colour Me Happy

Today marks the day another challenge got crossed of the list. I’ve had a bit of downtime lately (I’ve still got a blog post all about Ghyll Scrambling to write up for you – I promise it’s a good one! But you’ll have to wait a little longer), which meant it was actually really nice to get out and actually do something today. This was a challenge I’d been really looking forward to.

Today, I ran in my first organised run. It was just a 5k, completely untimed and concentrating mostly on fun rather than run, it was the “Happiest 5k on the planet” – The Color Run.

Inspired by the likes of India’s Holi Festival celebrating all things colourful, runners start dressed entirely in white. At every kilometre on the course, Colour Throwers chuck a paint powder over you – first pink, then blue, followed by yellow and topped off with orange. By the time the race is done, runners are covered from head to toe in a rainbow of painty, powdery goodness.

Now as you all know, I’m not much of a runner, but I absolutely loved The Color Run today. There’s no way I would have signed up for a run, or even discovered that I actually kind of enjoy it, had it not been for #25at25 and this Challenge (thanks Alison!). And had I not taken part in The Color Run today, I wouldn’t have spent the afternoon jogging round Wembley Stadium and I wouldn’t have these awesome pictures to prove that I was there. I also wouldn’t have had purple shower water this afternoon either.



And I managed to snap a super quick video blog before washing away the day’s work!

I had such a great day today! Thanks so much to Chris, Sophie and AB for coming along to share the fun!


Challenge 13 and Challenge 14

This week, I’m combining Challenge 13 and Challenge 14 in a bit of a cheat. As mentioned a couple of months ago, I’ve decided to share the video of all of my Everyday’s so far every now and again – so that if something goes terribly wrong, I’ve got the majority of the pictures saved somewhere safe! I do worry that this challenge is a bit indulgent, but believe me, taking a photo of yourself can be a bit of a bore. Hope it’s not too much of a bore for you.

And if you want it in double time, check this one out:

Just to keep you in the loop, I’ve also managed to reschedule the 3 Peaks challenge, so I won’t be hitting up the glorious hills of Horton in Ribblesdale until 14th May. Happy days. No running a 5k the day after walking a marathon up and down hills.

It’s Easter this week and I’ve just purchased a keyboard for my iPad, so I’m hoping to sit down and get some serious blogging done while I’m taking a bit of a rest from househunting, work and 25at25.

Challenge 13 & Challenge 6: Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Just a quick update again this week, but I’m hoping to get sit down and write something proper for you soon. I actually have a lot of ideas for none #25at25 blog content at the minute but it’s time I’m short on.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little update on Challenge 6. Though I’m swimming the Great London Swim in August (and training for that is well underway!), I felt like I needed to do something else. I’m still hoping to get a 10k run in before I turn 26, or shortly after if not, but I wanted to make a really conscious effort to get the ball rolling on the fundraising, as I felt like the swim alone wasn’t enough.

So, I’ve signed up for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. On 31st May (all being well, we’re having some logistical issues so this date may be subject to change) Chris and I will be climbing Pen Y Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales over 12 hours. Look forward to lots of Instagramming and a half decent video at a later date. Until now, here’s me talking a bit about Butterwick and the 3 Peaks Challenge. You can read more about Butterwick here, and you can donate here.

Challenge 13 – What’s the Point of It?

The title of this post isn’t referring directly to Challenge 13, obviously! But I dragged Chris along to an exhibition by artist Martin Creed called “What’s the Point of It?” on Sunday afternoon.

Billed as playful, thought provoking art the exhibition spans the entirety of the Hayward gallery. For me, it’s dominated by a few main points of interest – the giant neon Mother sign which stands at 12 and a half metres wide and rotates at variable speeds to the sounds ticking metronomes, to the three outside patio spaces and the balloon room – packed full with white balloons, aiming to “package and make visible” the air that surrounds us.

It’s an interesting exhibition – one that I really enjoyed walking around. It’s full of colour and texture and interesting shapes but the real draw was definitely the balloon room, which combines static, a bit of claustrophobia and completely unadulterated joy – and creates this week’s video blog, but only for 17 seconds.




I don’t want to say much more because a lot of it is things you have to see for yourself, but it’s running until 5th May and is £11 to get in. Worth it, just for a few minutes to immerse yourself in the youthful fun that balloons always encourage.

Challenge 13 – You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways

You may (or may not) have seen an outtake from American Hustle which cropped up on the interwebs last week. The video shows everyone’s best friend Jennifer Lawrence angstily lip syncing along with the classic song Evil Ways whilst cleaning her. Last week, I put out a plea for video blog suggestions, and the lovely Vic responded by suggesting I recreate it for this week’s video blog. So I obliged.

Now it’s obviously nowhere near as good – and the camera work is notably less decent. I also failed to find an awesome smock to wear whilst filming this. But I hope you’ll notice the flick in my fringe and appreciate the dollop of attitude I stole from JLaw. I’ve posted her video below too (watch that, it’s a lot better).

Post about ballroom dancing coming soon – but I’ll tell you this much. I bloody loved it!

PS: For reference, Chris has no evil ways. He doesn’t have to change any. He’s very nice. Good to great some might say.

Challenge 13 – Hot Pilates and Other stories

Soooooo sorry for the delay friends. No excuse, I’ve just been a bad video blogger this week. This challenge is starting to get pretty tough. Coming up with something new to chat about that people are actually interested in seeing that doesn’t take a lot of editing skills (of which I have very few!) every week is tricky but I’m obviously going to keep ploughing on.

I’m thinking of moving video blog day to the weekend, in the hopes that I might find something more interesting to share with you guys. If you’ve any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please drop your ideas in the comments below!

If I’d thought about it earlier, I’d probably have recorded Chris and I getting stuck in a bog on Tooting Common earlier today, but I didn’t. Though that was mega lolz. I got verrrrrrry muddy feet and ruined a pair of shoes but that’s a story for another day.

Here’s some chat from this week – hot pilates and other stories…

We’re off to Florence on Tuesday, so expect lots of photos on Instagram, a travel post upon my return and a little absence on the blog this coming week. Thanks for sticking round guys!

Challenge 13 – Draw My Life

Tonight’s video blog has been a bit of a labour of love (hence why it’s going live at 10pm – sorry!) but this week I decided to Draw My Life (and edit it a bit – so maybe this week’s blog won’t be as poor quality as usual…maybe?). You all know I’ve got mad drawing skills so this is obviously going to be a reaaaaaaal treat.

After the success of my recent burlesque class, I’m now starting to think about the ballroom dance class and I’m hoping to get something booked in the next week or two. If the weather isn’t too crazy town this week, I might try and pop to Bushy Park for my second lido swim, but as ever, I’ll keep you posted.

Challenge 13 – Not My Hands

Hello friends! Sorry for the mega delay in this week’s video blog. If you’ve met me this week, you will undoubtedly have heard that we’ve been without hot water and heating since LAST FRIDAY. Today, we’ve taken refuge at a friends just down the road for warmth, avoiding the closed Northern line and the gross weather outside.

But to make up for my tardiness this week, I’ve got a bit of a treat in store this week (I think anyway) with a game called “Not My Hands”. You can thank me later. Apologies also for my squeaky voice. Not sure quite what the craic is there but I woke up this morning sounding like I spent last night at a Foo Fighters concert. I didn’t – for reference.

Anyway, without further adoo. These are not my hands.

Challenge 13 – Chubby Bunny

This week, Chris and I decided to play chubby bunny for challenge 13. I’ve been ill over the past few days so this week’s blog is pretty short and sweet, but despite that this made me laugh. A LOT. I’m thinking it would be even better with a big group of folk. I’ll take volunteers from the comments below. Thanks Boomerang for your continual involvement. Here’s to hoping we never see another marshmallow again. ENJOY!

Challenge 13: 50 Facts in 10 Minutes

I’ve seen a few of these floating around on the web and though they’re generally for video bloggers with a much bigger online following than me, I thought it might be a bit of fun to rustle this up. So here we have Facts with Alice – 50 facts about me in 10 minutes. Ya never know, you might learn something you never knew before (that’s kind of the idea).

I was hoping to smash through this in around 5 minutes – but I failed. Leave some useless facts about yourselves in the comments below, and as ever, hollaaaaaa if you’ve got any ideas for future video blogs.