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Your brain does weird things when you’re diagnosed with cancer. In those early days, my mind was overflowing with all of the information I needed to retain, a stream of appointments I had to get to, along with coming to terms with the idea that my body was trying to kill me. But one of the things that really sticks with me from those early days is the incredible holistic care services I was immediately made aware of from Dimbleby Cancer Care.

Dimbleby are a charity which operate out of Guy’s Hospital, where I had all of my treatment, and basically provide all of the non-medical support that you need when you’re going through cancer treatment. They offer counselling, financial advice, employment support, complementary therapies and so much more.

We were fairly lucky with our finances so didn’t need a tonne of help there, but the counselling and the complementary therapies were invaluable to both Chris and I across the whole of my active treatment. I was offered six complementary therapies and six counselling sessions (which eventually became 12 counselling sessions because I am needy). The aromatherapy massage that I got at Dimbleby was such a salvation to me. This sounds pretty creepy I guess, but it was so nice to be touched in a way that wasn’t medical, at a time when my body had become some little more than a vessel that had a cancer inside it.

Finite resources

But Dimbleby is a charity. They only have a finite amount of resources and as I move further away from my active treatment, I feel less deserving of what they offer. There are people who need their care more. So I have begun to seek it out, and pay for it myself, elsewhere. My body feels less like a medical vessel these days, but with all the surgeries I’ve had over the last 18 months (five, if I haven’t mentioned it already, ten in the last three years) it still feels like I’m a science experiment a lot of the time. But massage and complementary therapies have really been key in reconnecting with my body, and taking time out to do something just for me.

So when Nuffield Health got in touch with me to ask if I would be interested in trialling a new offering for people living with and beyond cancer treatment, I did a little dance. Last month, they launched their Relax & Restore Cancer Care Treatments – a bespoke range of treatments that have been researched and approved for use on people living with or recovering from cancer.

Regulations prohibit therapists from providing traditional beauty techniques on people living with cancer without specialist training because therapists might need to take extra care or even avoid providing massage or reflexology to areas where surgery has taken place. As a result, all of the therapists at Nuffield Health offering these specialist treatments are  trained by the Made for Life Foundation, a skincare company providing holistic support for people diagnosed with and recovering from cancer.

relax and restore cancer treatments

I went along to the Nuffield Health in Tunbridge Wells to try their Hand on Heart treatment a few weeks ago and honestly, it was 85 minutes of pure joy. I’d had a nightmare journey getting to Tunbridge Wells, accidentally bought myself the wrong bloody train ticket, was running late and by the time I got to the centre I was all of a dither. But the therapist I met helped me move from frantic to zen in about 10 minutes. Sometimes, filling out forms about my treatment can be exhausting and overwhelming for me. I know it needs to be done to get the best possible care but going back over what’s happened in the last three years can be unpleasant to say the least. But my Nuffield Health therapist handled all of this stuff sensitively, listened to my experience and adapted my treatments accordingly.

Because of the nature of the offering, these treatments are less like traditional pound-your-muscles-into-submission massage, and much more of a gentle touch therapy that focuses on, funnily enough, relaxing and restoring both your body and mind. The Hand on Heart treatment offers a relaxing facial and upper body massage that helped me drift away from the stressful journey and into a nigh on meditative state of relaxation. Using slow Tui Na Chinese techniques, the experience aims to rebalance and calm the upper body, while the facial replenishes, nourishes and revives the skin.

crucial part of recovery

Taking this sort of time for myself can feel selfish sometime. And I know my most recent blog was about the nitty gritty bits of self-care that we’re often guilty of undervaluing, but making a point of seeking out tools for relaxation has become a big part of my routine too. Paying attention to your body in this way is a crucial part of recovery. Even if the feeling of not being a medical vessel only lasts as long as the treatment, that’s a valuable time out for your mind, and is, I believe, so incredibly worthwhile.

Prices for the Nuffield Health Relax and Restore Cancer Treatments start from £30 for a 45 minute treatment and therapies are available all over the UK. Find your nearest beauty suite here

**I was invited along to try this therapy by Nuffield Health and Good Relations. They also reimbursed me for my travel but all of my positive thoughts and feelings about this treatment are regardless of that.

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