Challenge 24: A Jaffa Cake…Fail?

2014-02-01_1102Yesterday, my friend Alex and I embraced the Jaffa Cake challenge. The addition of this challenge came about when I was struggling for my final two challenges. Alex had seen that the world record number for eating Jaffa Cakes in ONE MINUTE was 17, and was confident we could do the same. As a massive Jaffa Cake fan, he was almost excited about the challenge.

I, on the other hand, remained sceptical about how successful I’d be at this. I anticipated that perhaps seven was more than I could manage. Truth be told, that was a lot more than I could manage. Enjoy the addition of the dramatic music.

Props to Alex for his stellar effort. In light of this and my recent poor performance in Chubby Bunny, I think I’ll be staying away from eating challenges until Challenge 3, and then I’ll be keeping away from them again post 25at25. Unless Alex and i do decide to attempt this again. If that’s the case, I’m going to practice and train my mouth to create moisture to combat the unavoidable Jaffa Cake cement.

Thanks also for the filming, the moral support and the casual innuendo.

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